The Ruins

Welcome to Avernus Island, where need meets desire and everything is not as it seems.

Readers are sure to be delighted by the delicious details in this captivating tale.
Juli-Ann Williams

Julia Davenport is screwed. Passed over for a promotion because of an unscrupulous co-worker, her carefully built career is about to come to an uninspiring end. However, when opportunity arrives in the guise of the mysterious Melisandra Black, Julia embarks on a journey to Avernus Island, a resort that is more than it seems.

“Easy is the descent to Avernus, for the door to the underworld lies open both day and night. But to retrace your steps and return to the breezes above–that’s the task, that’s the toil.” –Virgil

Asked to investigate previously unexplored ruins, Julia soon finds herself lost in a place that, until now, she believed only existed in legend.

Jennifer Kohout knows how to spice up a tale!
Paranormal Bites
  • Available: February 26, 2014
  • Edited by: R.J. Moore
  • Published by: Sanguine Publishing, Inc.
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